I'll help you find your way.

Fresh, fresh and more fresh is how I feel about our brand new website and I thank you for stopping by to check us out. I hope you will enjoy the experience as we add and adjust and fine tune our content.

Iron Motivation is my coaching business that I have used for more than 10 years to coach 100's of athletes in the sports of swimming, cycling, triathlon and more recently Life Coaching in the form of a certified Coach Practitioner.

I am certified in all the categories of my coaching efforts including 10 years as a Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer which I keep current so not to fall behind the ever changing times.

Many of you who know me and Iron Motivation as your platform for training will know that I have been around this business for a long time but most of you will not know the other sides to me and how I spend time outside of Iron Motivation.

This new website is going to open those doors in a fun way and on top of being your go to site for the latest and greatest coaching information I hope to tickle your brain from time to time with non-sports related stuff.

So if you are inclined to do it, stop in again.


Paul Johnston

Iron Motivation


p.s. That over there is my ride, nice eh!