Iron is certainly my way to get the message or information if you prefer, out there as soon as possible so you can make choices that suit you without the pressure of being rushed.

Our new 2017 spring Iron Motivation swimming programs at the usual WCRC as they appear in the town's Leisure Guide reflect the same swim classes/days/times/etc but there are changes to the class content.

Wednesday morning (lead by me) and the Thursday evening classes (lead by Christine) will have the dial turned up and if you want to swim faster this is the place to be. 

This past spring session on Wednesdays I experimented and completely changed the class format so that I could work more closely with our swimmers but on the other hand take advantage of their already skilled swimming. I was able to push them to new maximum efforts safely and skillfully with great results.

So if you think you are up to the new proven format on Wed/Thurs come give it a try!

That looks after Wed/Thur classes which leaves Friday morning.This class has a completely different twist that is designed to technically take swimmers in progress or swimmers wanting to brush up on solid swimming skills the opportunity to do that without being rushed. I get all that I can from the swimmers in this class but its more about connecting the dots and becoming better in the water because you haven't settled for what you have.

Our adult swim program has been running for 12 yrs now and it's our goal to continue to offer coaching that makes a difference. So take your time and think it over. After all, how hard could it be!  : )

Check us out in the Spring/Summer issue of the Whitby Leisure Guide. 

Wednesday: WCRC code: 227176

Thursday: WCRC code: 227178

Friday: WCRC code: 227177  

Please use these codes when talking to the

WCRC front desk staff.